Architecture Review: Hradová Hill – New discoveries

Abstract in English:
(published in ARCH 06 / 2013 – Slovak Architecture Magazine)

Košice Castle Revitalisation Of The Hradová Hill

One of the largest castles in Slovakia, the Košice castle ruin has never been completed and there are no clear traces of its usage. Today, the castle starts a new history on its ancient foundations. A slanted wooden wall, erected in the place of a possible residential tower, serves as a background and a roof for a stage, opposite to witch are spectator seats built into a slope. The amphitheatre is made of a light steel construction combined with wood, in a minimalist design and minimal itervention into nature. If needed, it can be dismantled and removed. There is also a new car park and area’s administration office with a ticket sale, toilets and a room for public events, exhibitions. Below is a small park for children with adults. Reshaped paths and steps wind through the whole castle area and map the original fortification. The continue to the southern fortification, witch however, was excluded from renovation programme in order to reflect the fact that castle has never been completed.

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