H55 competition proposal

Architectural competition proposal for Community centre Hloubětínska 55, authors: artist and sculptor Peter Beňo, architect Pavol Mészáros,

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The community center has the task of combining people who live in the neighborhood and here an open and flexible disposition helps to proceed, but also a natural design what allows public participation.
This idea should be implemented in some parts of the building so that a community center will fulfill its role since the beginning.
The building would also have to meet the passive energy standard and act as an example of sustainable architecture.

Comment of the jury:
The reduction of the height in the direction to the church is called for. The division into three parts is in regards to length of the building appropriate, but the fact that one part is exceededingly different from the two others by the design of the facades and materials feels bothersome – in creates weirdly undefined proportional relations. It needs to be appreciated that this division is not only formal, but follows the inner logic. The strict closing of the garden seems unfavourable.

For whole competition results click here: www.h55.cz


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